T-Shirts By Nauroz

T-Shirts By Nauroz

As summer hits up, T- shirts and Polos are the most promising and are at first priority for men in western casual attire. Nauroz’s western product line is made from 100% compact cotton and rich knitted cotton along with fine stitching for a classic look. 

T-shirts are comprised of a light fabric, with slim fit pattern and are easy to wash due to perfect dying and printing for endurance that eliminates the color bleeding factor. Compact cotton gives the body fit look and also eliminated the itching factor in summers.

Nauroz’s T-Shirts are forever style for men featuring crew or V-neck and short sleeves. Wearing a shirt with jeans, shorts and trousers draws out the best in men and they love to wear shirts as casual attire. A shirt is one that can be chosen to wear without even batting an eye by putting a look from closet. T-shirts are cool, lively and versatile casual wear. There isn't anything more chic, trendy and comfortable than a T-shirt.




Polo shirts as the name proposes began from the polo match-up in the 19th century. During the last of the 20th Century notwithstanding, polo shirt turned into the standard clothing for golf players.

Polo shirts are a perfect embodiment of classic and elegant style adored all through the world for its agreeable feel and comfortable texture.

Nauroz’s Polo shirts are amazingly well known among men, both for casual and semi-formal events featuring collar necks and a placket with buttons in the front with fine embroidery and stripe patterned collar and sleeves with contrasting colors.  Polo shirts are always a man's go-to, even to work or to some family gatherings, or taking off for a reunion with your friends.


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Nauroz’s western shirts collection for men is to look at the assortment of polo and t-shirts from sharp to smooth color tones and chic styling; it's everything at one spot.

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