Luxury Wool Nauroz

Luxury Wool Nauroz

Luxury Wool at Nauroz

From the Regency time of the 1860s, there was no style accessory as adaptable and pervasive as the Shawl. Accessible in all textures, including silk, muslin, cashmere wool, and evaluated shawl graced everyone in the society. They were addressed as craftsmanship and culture of the society. Shawls were referred as such artistic illuminators as Elizabeth Gaskell and William Makepeace Thackeray. They were likewise highlighted as symbol of fashion and style in 19thcentury and have been carried since today.

Wool shawls in the attire category is something we all have utilized for ages.  Nauroz has a wide and diverse range of luxury wools encapsulating shawls for women and men, winter scarves, stoles and woolen men caps celebrating the cultural and traditional patterns designed by the best master artisans here in Pakistan.

Wool is sourced from different animals including yak (the King of Mountains), goats (cashmere, mohair, angora) sourced from northern areas in Pakistan.

100% pure Domestic goat wool is shredded and threads are obtained from looming in factories at Rawalpindi and then the threads are used to make delicate and warm shawls and caps in Swat.

Masterpieces are made from imported threads of lamb wool, raw wool from Australia is sent to China for the Spinning process and then imported here in Pakistan.

Yak wool products including shawls, stoles and caps are customized and made in northern areas of Pakistan. Yak wool products are high in demand because threads are rarely obtainable. Approximately 200-300 100% pure Yak wool products are made per annum due to its distinctive qualities.

Besides the delicate and luxurious vibe of the woolen products are high in demand, soft, warm and comfortable, with long-lasting durability, elegance and trendy at the same time.

The Types of Wool:

Nauroz uses the best and pure quality wools that are of different animals for its masterpieces to complement the style statement for elegance and grace.

  1. Lamb wool

The primary shearing of lambs generally creates the best and softest wool. At Nauroz, the inherited handmade textile techniques by the best artisans are used to make a fine product with a gentle hand feel which is accordingly mainstream and demanded in clothing.

  1. Yak Wool:

Yak wool is rare and very high demanding as it is delicate, adaptable, flexible, and warm. Nauroz produces Shawls, stoles, and caps using pure, delicate, and long hairs of the yak exclusively available here in Pakistan. Pure Yak wool is rarely obtainable that results in being an expensive and high demand for products. The fibers are hand-loomed, conventionally patterned that enhance the confession of warmth and sterling nature.

Nauroz’s pure Yak wool shawls are smooth, subtle, and lightweight that satisfies contemporary trends for men and women of all age groups enduring a lifetime.

  1. Mohair (Angora goat):

Angora goat threads are acquired and imported from Fine Australian wool. It has a bigger undercoat that gives mohair its particular, frizzy look with the marginally firm short hairs visible in the final product.

Mohair fibers are around 25-40 microns which is like wool, however, it's known to be more grounded, smoother, and stronger than wool because of their long staples at 4-6 inches. The best mohair filaments come from the initial three shearings of the Angora goat. Mohair is more costly than wool and gives a smooth and fine look. One Angora goat yields between 3-5 kilos of mohair resulting in exclusive, delicate, and warm products.

Luxury wool products from Nauroz are warm, soft, and strong, which is the reason it is making advances in the clothing market regarding luxury wool. The delicateness alongside the strength of the wool is the thing that makes it so unique and pursued. Wool items are organic and pure, dyed whenever required at production houses at Nauroz.

 We are proud to say that our idiosyncratic legacy of exclusive hand-loomed with the utmost expertise lifetime enduring luxury wool category is distinctive and classic that encapsulates elegance, grace, and the latest fashion trends. A huge range of wools, assorted colors are catered for all age groups for both genders. 

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