Denim at Nauroz

Denim at Nauroz

Denim was first developed in the city of Nîmes in France, and was initially called the serge de Nîmes. The word denim is an English expression of the French: "denim."


Denim is a solid cotton texture made utilizing a twill weave, which makes an unobtrusive inclining ribbing design. The cotton twill texture is twist confronting, implying that the weft strings go under at least two twist strings, and the twist yarns are more conspicuous on the correct side. The slanting ribbing is the thing that makes denim texture not the same as material or cotton duck, which is likewise a strong woven cotton texture. Denim is an everlasting fashion and liked by everyone.

Strands are joined into the texture. Lycra and Spandex are utilized in weft yarn. Ring and open-end center spun yarns are likewise utilized in denim to give stretch property. Flexible yarns are likewise used to make stretch denim textures. Aside from the multi-segment, Bi part manufactured fiber yarns are additionally used to give stretch.

At Nauroz the significant center zones of advancement and improvement are solace, execution, and climate benevolence of various cycles. Solace and fit are vital parts of denim pieces of clothing. Along these lines, a great deal of examination is also done.

Denim at Nauroz is quality oriented featuring Kurta trouser Suit and Kameez Shalwar for men. Products are designed in a signature pattern and available in assorted color range. As complement Pure Denim Khussa that is purely handmade refines your chic style look.

Nauroz’s Denim Waistcoats are a must have in your wardrobe. Waistcoats are designed with signature slim fit pattern cut as well-fitted waistcoat ought to be smart which is getting progressively essential attire, because of the classic look they give.

For the long-lasting of the clothe Wash denim in cool water on a medium to typical cycle. Denim can be placed in the dryer and ought to be dried at medium warmth. Nonetheless, to expand the existence of your denim thing, you should hang to dry and just wash after a few wears.