Nauroz's Footwear

Nauroz's Footwear

Nauroz designed craftsmanship through a variety of footwear items including khussa, frontier shoes, peshawari shoe, kohati shoe and kolapuri for men and women, put forth with incredible consideration at Nauroz with the top notch combination of cow leather and suede leather to portray class and elegance. Nauroz's splendidly made foot wear patterns for men and women, is in an assortment of textures and colors.

Footwear is designed and patterned using 100% pure cow leather sourced domestically in Pakistan. Highly skilled artisans from all over Pakistan are engaged in Lahore to make masterpieces at Nauroz.


Khussa is a customary and adaptable footwear category. The most searched for and exemplary Punjabi culture with an illustrious touch can be worn at weddings or any conventional occasion as it is important for the traditional legacy of Pakistan.


Khussa at Nauroz are hand stitched including cutting, weaving, and sewing by the skilled master artisans for men and women both, utilizing 100% pure cow  leather upper sole,  suede leather insole  which is an unquestionable requirement for soft and enduring footwear.

The leather is sewed in a defined, close and delicate pattern along with the sole utilizing solid cotton strings giving the shoes an ethnic and fine look and makes the shoe strong and enduring.

Pebble Khussa

The classic Pebble Khussa is handcrafted with 100% original cow leather pebble textured upper sole and inner sole is made of pure suede leather ensuring comfort and endurance. The hand-stitching is done delicately and in a specific pattern that gives strength and fine look to the leather shoe. Pebble Khussa always complements your outfits for all occasions. 


Pure Leather Khussa

Nauroz’s Statement Khussa- 100% pure cow leather handcrafted in Nauroz's signature patterns specifically designed to deliver comfort and class. Suede leather inner padded sole is designed to make your feet at ease. The hand-stitching is done delicately and in a specific pattern that gives strength and fine look to the leather shoe. Glossy textured Leather Khussa is the epitome of casual and formal looks.


Denim Khussa

Fiercely elegant handmade Denim Khussa with 100% pure denim fabric is hand stitched by the highly skilled master artisan that is definitely a style hybrid with a prompting pattern aesthetically designed for your comfort. A must pick for chic fashion trends.


Nauroz’s Kolhapuri is distinctively designed made of 100% pure cow leather, whole making process is hand-sewed by the accomplished artisans. Kolapuri are designed to celebrate cultural and traditional legacy with soft, strong and durable nature.

Kolapuri is hand stitched with finely polished cow leather upper sole and suede leather inner with an enduring padded sole that makes your feet comfortable and at ease. Nauroz’s kolapuri collection ensures class, solace and quality with soft inner. Due to its pattern and light weight nature it gives a delicate shape and feel.

Nauroz offers an assorted color and size range of kolapuri for men and women both.

Frontier Shoe

Nauroz’s Elegant and traditionally crafted Frontier shoe is of 100% pure cow leather, quality-oriented and comfortable shoe complemented with a buckle that makes it a perfect footing for all occasions.

Peshawari and Kohati shoe are true inspirations from the Charsadda KPK Pakistan. Lining is obtained by own designed patterns using high quality accessories and all other materials. Nauroz celebrates the essence of culture and traditions in its collection with a wide range of designs and colors.


The Procedure of Making a Frontier shoe includes specific designed pattern leather cutting, leather upper sole-creation, finesse is achieved with suede leather inner sole, finished with the tyre leather that is sourced from plane’s tubes and complemented with buckle and finally, the fitting of the shoe occurs.

Nauroz offers culturally enriched designs for a more refined look. Nauroz has made probably the most comfortable footwear that is flawlessly made with consideration regarding solace and fine subtleties. From hand cutting and stitching to finished pieces, Nauroz has characterized men and women footwear as an unceasing way to deal with style.