Nauroz’s Premium Giza Cotton

Nauroz’s Premium Giza Cotton

Giza cotton is a kind of cotton that is developed and collected in the Middle East. It is a kind of Egyptian cotton and is special as in its developed and collected near the Nile waterway, giving it some exceptional characteristics that essentially aren't found somewhere else.

In view of the temperature conditions, Giza cotton is filled in and its boss characteristics of delicateness and breathability among numerous different characteristics, it truly makes it the best sort of Egyptian cotton on the planet.

Nauroz’s entire range of Giza cotton Suits featuring Kurta Trouser and Kameez Shalwar for men is particularly designed keeping in view the contemporary and classic vogue and is unique in the following characteristics.

Unrivaled strength of Giza cotton has long filaments. Among its bunch assortments, the Giza cotton with its extra-long staple strands and prevalent length makes fine yarn without settling on its strength. The yarn is then woven into extravagant cotton texture.

Yarn check alludes to the fineness of the yarn that makes a texture. Basically, the higher the check, the better the yarn. The long staple length of Giza cotton strands makes it outstandingly appropriate for meshing into better wearing products.

Nauroz’s Giza cotton has a characteristic sheen that gives texture a rich, plush appearance. Since it delivers little build up, this brilliance stays unblemished.

Most noteworthy virtue our products is the most elevated level of immaculateness. In contrast, the texture is equipped for engrossing more color than some other assortment of cotton. Suits produced using this texture are accessible in an authentic range of profound, brilliant and blur safe tones.

Unmatched solace becomes gentler with each wash. Abound somewhat more with each wear!

Prevalent quality and unequaled strength with a staggeringly delicate approach is the thing that you get when you select Nauroz for your outfits setting the bench mark in offering the best designed outfits with an objective to make the most extravagant, most agreeable cotton clothing.