Fragrances are invisible but they suffuse every moment of our life.  A scent has no prominence until it gets associated with something that has meaning. With your underlying experience, you start shaping nerve associations that entangle the scent with feelings and emotions.

Nauroz offers a wide range of vibrant, bold and powerful supreme essence of happiness that opens up with amazing top notes, enriching aroma with middle notes, and amazes with splendor base notes. 

Composition of Nauroz’s exclusive Fragrances

Top notes include: wise, lavender, light natural products, lemon, watermelon, sage and bergamot.

Middle notes include: lavender, dark pepper, peach, mandarin, rosemary and juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, olive blossom, coriander, and guaiac wood.

Base notes include: cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, oak greenery and musk, amber, sandalwood, water lily, and jasmine.

The essential components of each aroma are considered as melodic notes that together involve an ensemble that remain noticeable all around. As in the notes of a melody, these notes are indispensable to the creation of the fragrance and each has its own motivation as to the entirety of the perfume.

nauroz men fragrances


Nauroz’s Men Perfumes are composed with three notes top or head notes, heart or center notes and base or end notes. Without every one of the three components, a fragrance won't ever be aromatically engaging. The notes trinity inseparably ties into an excellent, extraordinary fragrance.

The top notes of all scents are attention getter for its absolute initial inception around you. They are new and light and speak to the narrative of the aroma and are intended to allure and interest. Their capacity is to draw in additionally to easily change into the center notes to come.

The center notes are mature and settled involve the core of the aroma and their responsibility is to overwhelm and beguile the individual into an inebriating whirl of fragrance and memory. They significantly impact the base notes standing ready by going about as a support of sorts. Charming, smooth and adjusting, center note are significantly richer than the top notes. They are frequently contained a smooth mix of flower or natural product conditions that are blended with solid flavors. They just become noticeable after the top notes are gone.

Both the middle and the base notes cooperate to extend the fragrance presented in the top note. They blend their particles together to make the full body of the scent. The base notes definitive capacity is to give to the client an enduring impression of the aroma. They are the last notes and just show up after the others have totally vanished. They are frequently rich and smooth and are the longest enduring of the three classes of notes.

The foundation of the fragrances is carefully designed keeping in view the nature of Pakistan’s temperature.  Impression of the perfumes varies with temperature from north to south. Aroma of the perfume is long lasting in less temperature and acts differently if you possess a sweaty body.

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